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AT Heavyshot Weights | Combat Series

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Have you ever fished heavy current and needed a little heavier dropshot weight?  Angler Tungsten Heavyshot weights are the best tungsten dropshot weights to eliminate that problem.  Tie em on, use them as heavy free rig weights, or punch these through thick grass mats for a completely new presentation.  Designed using 97% pure tungsten, 100% lead free, and our OxiArmor no chip coating for the added touch & sensitivity.  These dropshot weights are sure to fill your boat paired up with your favorite soft plastic.  

  • Environmentally friendly - Lead Free
  • 97% Pure Tungsten, 3% Nickel
  • 10x better sensitivity than lead
  • Size stamped for easy convenience
  • Skinny dropshot weights style

Trusted By Industry Professionals

All of our weights are trusted by pros in all major tournament trails, read an article from B.A.S.S. here