Have you ever wondered exactly how tungsten fishing weights are made?  Tungsten weights are not poured but instead go through several processes.  We will take you through the process from start to finish explaining how our weights are made and what processes each weight goes through to get the desired finish on every Angler Tungsten weight.

          Our tungsten weights are created using a process called sintering.  Sintering or powder metallurgy is the process of blending fine powdered materials and pressing the materials into a specific shape.  After reaching the shape, the materials are then heated in a controlled environment causing the material to bond.  In our situation the materials are tungsten powder and nickel powder for the binder. 

           There are 3 main processes in order to complete the metallurgy process.  Blending, Compacting, and sintering.  Blending is the process of mixing our tungsten powders with our combiner, nickel.  A lubricant is also added to the mixture to lower the amount of friction that occurs during the next phase of the process called compaction.

           Compaction is where each tungsten weight is actually formed.  The powdered mixture is forced into a mold and compressed under extreme pressure with the end result creating the initial size and shape of the tungsten weight. 

           Sintering is the final step of the process which takes the tungsten weight through a controlled heating process.  The heat is hot enough to melt the binder material causing the powdered particles to bond together and shrink.  This creates the final shape and size of every Angler Tungsten weight. 

           We then allow the weights to cool before any milling processes are done.  During the milling process, all of the burrs or sharp edges are completely removed.  This allows all of our line cores to remain insert free and fray free. The laser engraving process is the final phase.  Every weight is laser engraved with the Angler ID size/ logo stamp with extreme precision & detail.

          In manufacturing anything there is always more steps to getting quality results, but this is the shortened version of how each tungsten weight is made from start to finish.